GpaStatus GpaIsSessionComplete(
    GpaSessionId session_id);


Checks if results for all samples within a session are available. After a sampling session results may be available immediately or take a certain amount of time to become available. This function allows you to determine when the results of a session can be read. The function does not block, permitting periodic polling. To block until a sample is ready use GpaGetSampleResult instead. Execution of all command lists (DirectX 12) or command buffers (Vulkan) must be complete before results will be available.


Name Description
session_id Unique identifier of a previously-created session.

Return value

Return value Description
kGpaStatusOk The session is complete and results are ready.
kGpaStatusErrorResultNotReady The session is not yet ready.
kGpaStatusErrorNullPointer The supplied session_id parameter is NULL.
kGpaStatusErrorSessionNotFound The supplied session_id parameter was not recognized as a previously-created session identifier.
kGpaStatusErrorSessionNotStarted The session has not been started.
kGpaStatusErrorSessionNotEnded The session has not been ended. A session must have been ended with GpaEndSession prior to retrieving results.
kGpaStatusErrorException Exception occurred.