GpaStatus GpaRegisterLoggingCallback(
    GpaLoggingType logging_type,
    GpaLoggingCallbackPtrType callback_func_ptr);


Registers a callback function to receive log messages. Only one callback function can be registered, so the implementation should be able to handle the different types of messages. A parameter to the callback function will indicate the message type being received. Messages will not contain a newline character at the end of the message. To unregister a callback function, specify kGpaLoggingNone for the logging_type and NULL for the callback_func_ptr.


Name Description
logging_type Identifies the type of messages to receive callbacks for.
callback_func_ptr Pointer to the callback function.

Return value

Return value Description
kGpaStatusOk The logging callback function was successfully registered.
kGpaStatusErrorNullPointer The supplied callback_func_ptr parameter is NULL and the specified logging_type is not kGpaLoggingNone.
kGpaStatusErrorException Exception occurred.