GpaStatus GpaGetSupportedSampleTypes(
    GpaContextId context_id,
    GpaContextSampleTypeFlags* sample_types);


Gets a mask of the sample types supported by the specified context. A call to GPA_CreateSession will fail if the requested sample types are not compatible with the context’s sample types.


Name Description
context_id Unique identifier of a previously-opened context.
sample_types The value that will be set to the the mask of the supported sample types upon successful execution. This will be a combination of GpaSampleBits.

Return value

Return value Description
kGpaStatusOk The supported sample types were successfully retrieved.
The supplied sample_types parameter is NULL.
The supplied context_id parameter is NULL.
kGpaStatusErrorContextNotOpen The supplied context is not currently open.
kGpaStatusErrorContextNotFound The supplied context_id parameter was not recognized as a previously-opened context identifier.
kGpaStatusErrorFailed The supported sample types could not be retrieved.
kGpaStatusErrorException Exception occurred.