GpaStatus GpaBeginSession(
    GpaSessionId session_id);


Begins sampling with the currently enabled set of counters. A session must have been created using GpaCreateSession before it can be started. A session must be started before creating any samples. The set of enabled counters for a session cannot be changed after the session has started.


Name Description
session_id Unique identifier of a previously-created session.

Return value

Return value Description
kGpaStatusOk The session was successfully started.
kGpaStatusErrorNullPointer The supplied session_id parameter is NULL.
kGpaStatusErrorSessionNotFound The supplied session_id parameter was not recognized as a previously-created session identifier.
kGpaStatusErrorContextNotOpen The supplied context is not currently open.
kGpaStatusErrorSessionAlreadyStarted The session has already been started.
kGpaStatusErrorNoCountersEnabled There are no counters enabled
kGpaStatusErrorFailed The session could be be started.
kGpaStatusErrorOtherSessionActive Another session is active.
kGpaStatusErrorException Exception occurred.