GpaStatus GpaGetSampleResult(
    GpaSessionId session_id,
    GpaUInt32 sample_id,
    size_t sample_result_size_in_bytes,
    void* counter_sample_results);


Gets the result data for a given sample. This function will block until results are ready. Use GpaIsSessionComplete to check if results are ready. For discrete counter samples, the data will be a set of contiguous 64-bit values, one for each counter collected for the sample. After the results are returned, you can iterate through the buffer to read the individual counter values back. Execution of all command lists (DirectX 12) or command buffers (Vulkan) must be complete before results will be available. Results for samples created in secondary command lists will not be available unless GpaCopySecondarySamples has been called to copy the samples back to the primary command list.


Name Description
session_id Unique identifier of a previously-created session.
sample_id Unique identifier of a previously-created sample.
sample_result_size_in_bytes The size of the specified sample’s results - this value should have been queried from GpaGetSampleResultSize.
counter_sample_results Address to which the counter data for the sample will be copied to.

Return value

Return value Description
kGpaStatusOk The sample result was successfully retrieved.
The supplied session_id parameter is NULL.
The supplied pCounterSampleResults parameter is NULL.
kGpaStatusErrorSessionNotFound The supplied session_id parameter was not recognized as a previously-created session identifier.
kGpaStatusErrorSampleNotFound The specified sample was not found in the specified session.
kGpaStatusErrorSessionNotEnded The session has not been ended. A session must have been ended with GpaEndSession prior to retrieving results.
kGpaStatusErrorReadingSampleRequest The sample result could not be read.
kGpaStatusErrorSampleInSecondaryCommandList An attempt was made to read a result from a secondary command list. Samples from a secondary command list must copied to the primary command list using GpaCopySecondarySamples.
kGpaStatusErrorIndexOutOfRange An internal operation to index a particular counter failed.
kGpaStatusErrorException Exception occurred.